Book A Recon Session

A simple call designed to uncover if there is a fit for Permission Assist to help shrink your permission review.

Ready to take the next step and import your applications?

Don’t see a plugin that you need? We’ll work with you to create a plugin that not only pulls in permissions, but also helps make the review process quicker and easier. 

In this recon session, we’ll gather the information needed to determine which import strategy is best for your situation so you can be up, running, and ready to start your first review with Permission Assist!

What can you expect?

Once you let us know you want to chat, we’ll get in touch and figure out a time that works for you. The goal is to have a discussion about your bank’s unique challenges with maintaining employee access and permission reviews

What Do We Cover?

  • Questions to help identify your pains with permission reviews.

Who Should Attend?

Because we’ll be logging into the application and talking through some permission details, we recommend the following people attend:

  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) – someone who uses the application on a regular basis, understands the permissions in detail, and knows how they are assigned
  • Application Manager – someone who can log in to the application, add new users, assign permissions, and print reports (sometimes this is the same person as the SME)
  • ISO/Security Team Member – typically this is the person who is primarily responsible for Permission Assist

Optionally, you may want to include someone who will be responsible for reviewing permissions (if that person would be different than the SME or the application manager). It’s ideal to get their input when the application is complex and/or if the SME isn’t able to offer that perspective.

Who you will be talking with…

Dayna Olson

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