Relationship Banking has evolved,
so let’s use new ways to acquireretaincross-sell customers.

Several FIs agree with us.

Hello There.

We're Sycorr and we make exceptional software for banks.

Banks are frustrated...we've seen it.

IT departments scrambling due to crumbling systems, CIOs being strong-armed by vendors, and unreturned phone calls about half implemented contracts.

Does this sound like your environment?

If not, consider yourself lucky for the moment. We've witnessed a lot of banks and credit unions disserved through low quality software, horrible service, and broken promises. And the worst isn't the institution's fault and there are little or no options.

When this problem starts affecting your customers, you have a real problem. Online banking outages, multiple username/passwords, and lack of new offerings can leave customers complaining about poor user experiences. Your customers will move to a competitor with a larger technology investment - you get smaller and they get bigger.'ve read this far, so let's cut to the chase...

Unlike most technologists, we are very passionate about the financial industry. Serious efforts are made to ensure our whole company understands what turns your economic engine - heck, we've even sent our graphic artist to bankers school (...yeah, even the guy who makes nice pictures).

This gives our team unique insights and diverse experiences in how to grow your organization through technology, process improvements, and internet marketing.

How so? What exactly do we provide? Good question, you are right to ask because FIs are not use to having the options we provide. We could use some "fancy" buzzwords but perhaps a few examples will help clarify...

If we were betting men, a ventured guess that your Treasury Management solution consists of multiple spreadsheets, risk ratings are updated by someone manually poking in green screen, and outbound ACHs that are "not really" prefunded (but memo posted). Not the best way to manage your risk. You can easily automate updating risk ratings and delinquencies, get alerted on risk tolerance overages, true account to account transfer prefunding, and all while freeing up operational staff. That's the kind of solutions we love building.

There are great marketing companies, but do they know the "tricks" to rank multiple branches in the search engines? There are great FI vendors, but are they willing to integrate their solutions with competitor systems? Plenty of financial institutions (just like you) sometimes just need a technical hand migrating systems, implementing CRMs, or making informed purchases...

These are the solutions you've wanted but have never had a trusted partner to execute them. We believe that every business relationship should stand on:

Mutual Trust ~ Mutual Respect ~ Mutual Success

Long-term partnerships, simple contracts, and quality service just makes common sense to us. If you agree give us a call. We are Sycorr, and we are here to help.

Does your competition have the edge or do you?

Banks and credit unions constantly try anything to one-up each other, but gauging how well you are leveraging yourself online is almost impossible. Insights compares where you stand against your competitors on topics such as online security, social media, search engine strength, and mobility. Sign up for the private beta today or watch this video to find out more...

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