Helping Banks Shrink Permission Reviews

Automated for Efficiency. Verified Data. Human-Proof Permissions.

Back office automation tools tailored for financial institutions

What our clients say about us:

Sycorr gets it. That’s proven by how well they support our environment.

Kyle Hendrickson — Alerus

It is about time a software company actually built something that solves a real problem [for a bank].

Brad Kirlin — Fidelity Bank

We don’t have the delays or inconsistencies in dates that we used to have.

Eric Andring — Bell Bank

A lot of the complexity has been taken out of the process.

Steve Pich — Bank of North Dakota

Saving the valuable time of the people who make your bank work.

Behind the scenes of every financial institution is the team of people responsible for protecting data, balancing the books, managing the risk. The unsung heroes who make it possible for your bank to run smoothly. We are here for them. Here to support what they do and build tools they need to do their amazing work even better.

From Our Blog:

Permission Assist Version 5.2 – Enhanced Reporting and Scheduling Reviews

A new year brings new updates! We’ve shaken off the holiday food coma and are excited to announce the release of Permission Assist version 5.2. This new update has so many great new features, we have no idea where to begin. From a slew of new reports, auto scheduling reviews, and the ability to assign…

Sycorr Recognized As Veteran Owned Business

Sycorr has been acknowledged as a Veteran Owned Business by the National Veteran Business Development Council. Jeremy Neuharth and Max Pool, the founders of Sycorr, both served in the Army National Guard and are military veterans. They use their expertise and discipline they learned on the field, as well as the office, to create powerful…

Permission Assist 5.1 Released – TMS Module Plugin

The holidays are in full force, and even though we’ve stuffed ourselves with homemade goodies, we’ve also continued to work hard on bringing you the newest Permission Assist release. This new Permission Assist version 5.1 has some much-needed updates like the TMS Module Plugin and updated reviewer permissions. TMS Module Plugin We can all agree…

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