Helping Banks Shrink Permission Reviews

Permission Assist tracks and reports exactly what is happening within your bank’s entitlement landscape.

See your bank’s risks before your auditor

Whenever there is a change in your company – a new hire, a promotion of an employee, or hidden privileges that come as the result of software upgrades – your bank is potentially at risk. When the wrong person has access to functions within your programs, you’re at risk of a data breach, and the news headlines that go along with it.

With Permission Assist, you are alerted when critical changes happen. Don’t be caught off-guard by access surprises. Permission Assist tracks and reports exactly what is happening within your bank’s permission entitlement landscape.


Peace of mind with certified access

Regulators have been (more and more) demanding about periodic access reviews for years, but they have little understanding of the challenges you and your bank face. You are managing a multitude of systems to run your business – all while focusing on applying security best practices to protect critically sensitive data for your bank.

With Permission Assist, you can have peace of mind that your controls are working and ready-made artifacts are at your fingertips to hand over to auditors. Now, the periodic certification process is streamlined, verified, and meets the high demands of regulators.

Get the most out of your time and team

There’s no denying bank operations are demanding. However, that doesn’t mean your work should be painstaking, slow, and inefficient. You and your team are more valuable than that.

Get out from under the pile of spreadsheets, application reports, and shuffling “paperwork” for those who are supposed to review access. Permission Assist has built-in automations to remove the busy work, so you can fly through successful permission reviews and have your team focus on more valuable uses of their time.


What our clients say about us:

Permission Assist isn’t just a solution, it’s also a process you can demonstrate to satisfy the permission audit requirements many midsized banks have trouble with.

Andy Stein — Gate City Bank

Permissions Assist will save you time, reduce risk, and act as a critical control to your overall security program.

Brad Kirlin — Fidelity Bank

Permission Assist made the audit far less stressful than it has been in the past.

Craig Otten — HealthcareBank

We were at a point where the user review process was overwhelming.

Ali Holcomb — Alerus

Information Security Officers at financial institutions are getting squeezed.

Pressure is near a peak to keep customer data secure and regulators satisfied.

Chris Bedel — BedelSecurity

It’s definitely worth doing.

Eric Andring — Bell Bank

Always Be Audit Ready

Never get called out by a regulator or external auditor again.
Permission Assist will prove you have a mature process for
controlling your users and permissions. Whether it’s NCUA, FDICIA, FFIEC, SOX, FDIC, OCC, or external auditors, Permission Assist can answer all of their questions with artifacts available at the click of a button.

Provision with Confidence

Know for certain that your user access is correct when people join, leave, or change roles. Permission Assist can instantly create, organize, and track all of the provisioning work required. Backed by customizable workflows, you can conditionally add extra approval or quality checks based on your risk profile.

Over 200 Integrated Applications

Built to Work With Your Bank Software, Period.

Our team is committed to making sure our solution not only works with your systems today but into the future. Yes, we include updates to all of your integrations as part of your maintenance. That means no surprise bills or major delays anytime a vendor changes permissions with their product.

We Have Your Back Through the Entire Process

How do you know your permission review solution is delivering correct results? When it comes to the security of your bank, you want to be SURE.

Work with a vendor who believes guiding clients through how to use the software is just as important as the software itself. Permission Assist takes pride in our implementation process. We show you exactly how to do the checks and balances, so you can feel confident in how this software is serving you.

Time to Shrink Your Permission Reviews

Permission Assist has a track record of streamlining entitlement certifications, but you may wonder if it is the right fit for you. Find out how Permission Assist fits in your bank’s specific environment by scheduling a discovery call with our experienced team.

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