Software Development

Exceptional software is what we deliver. Exceptional value is what we provide.

Custom Software Development

Managing millions of dollars in assets with a spreadsheet, entering data into multiple systems, and operational workflows with too many steps…does this sound familiar? You would be amazed at the efficiency boosts custom software can provide. From requirements gathering to execution, Sycorr streamlines aspects of your organization you’ve long written off as overhead.

Your operations are unique, so stop struggling with solutions that don’t work the way you do.


  • Microsoft .NET (C#)
  • Enterprise Frameworks
  • Many Financial System APIs
  • Database (SQL, Oracle, DB2)
  • Messaging (BizTalk, MSMQ, RabbitMQ)
  • Workflow and Rule-based Engines

Project Types

Web Applications
Mobile Applications
System Customizations
Core System Interactions
Cross Dept. Integration
Back Office Automation
Strategic Initiatives
Federated Identity

What our clients say about us:

Sycorr gets it. That’s proven by how well they support our environment.

Kyle Hendrickson — Alerus

We don’t have the delays or inconsistencies in dates that we used to have.

Eric Andring — Bell Bank

A lot of the complexity has been taken out of the process.

Steve Pich — Bank of North Dakota

It is about time a software company actually built something that solves a real problem [for a bank].

Brad Kirlin — Fidelity Bank

Questions or Ideas? Call Us!

There are a lot of great technology companies out there, but do they know the “tricks” of the financial services industry? Are the FI vendors you’re working with willing to integrate their solutions with competitor systems? Plenty of financial institutions, just like you, need a hand connecting systems, implementing CRMs, or making it work. That’s why we’re here to help.

These are the solutions you’ve wanted but never before had a trusted partner to make happen.

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