Sycorr Coin Trick Instructions

Step One:

Remove the inner coin box from the outer sleeve.

Step Two:

On the two short ends of the coin box there is a little square. One side will appear open while the other side looks blocked off or closed.

The closed side will always be the side you use to push the coin into hiding.

Step Three:

Show your friends the coin box as you place a nickel or other small coin inside the circular opening. Make sure to not let the insert move around while you are placing in the coin to keep up the illusion.

Step Four:

Push the coin box containing the coin into the outer sleeve. Make sure that the closed side of the coin box is the side being pushed into the outer sleeve. This means the open side will still be visible when the coin box is fully inserted into the sleeve. You may have to push firmly to get the coin box all the way in.

Step Five:

Pull the coin box out of the hide box. It will be empty because the hole holding the coin has been pushed into a hiding position within the coin box.

Step Six:

Now it’s time to show off your slight of hand skills. Try to distract your friend by talking about the magic trick as you gradually turn the box around in your hand so that the closed side is again facing the outer sleeve. Slide the coin box back into the outer sleeve.

Step Seven:

Pull the coin box out of the outer sleeve once again. It will now show the coin because the hole holding the coin has been pushed back into the viewing position.

Practice makes perfect! And since Permission Assist frees up so much of your time regarding reviews, you’ll be able to perfect this trick in no time.

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