Book a Recon Session

A simple meeting to fit your application into the Permission Assist puzzle.

It looks like you’ve got your appointment scheduled with us! To be better prepared, we have a small checklist to make sure you are ready to rock ‘n roll with recons.


  • Application Basics – Verify these from the previous emails, are they correct?
    • Name
    • Vendor
    • Version
  • Permissions Data
    • How do you get this information?
      • Modern Interface (commonly called an API)
      • Download some types of report or exports
      • Other
  • How do you match users to employees?
  • How do you set up usernames?
  • How do you add and remove users?
  • How do you identify roles and privileges?
    • Are there any that are elevated or special in the application?
      • Such as admins or inactive users
  • Can you get us examples of any API instructions or reports/exports we pull during the recon session?
    • It is very important that these remain unedited.

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