Need a technology partner that knows their way around the financial industry?
We’re an elite team of web experts with years of experience creating software solutions for the financial industry.

Hello there.  We’re Sycorr and we make exceptional software for banks.

Unlike most technology vendors, we know banking inside and out, and this gives us unique insight and experience in how to grow your organization through technology. Need to streamline operations by creating automation software? We can do that. Need to integrate multiple financial systems that were never meant to talk to each other? We can do that too.

We’ve helped many financial institutions promote strengths, fix weaknesses, and capitalize on opportunities through our services. Whether it’s Search Engine Marketing (SEO), web design, custom software, or anything in between – call us as we would be excited to see how we can help.

We are a passionate group of financial industry experts, software developers, and designers. We are Sycorr, and we are here to help.

Banks are frustrated…we’ve seen it.

IT departments scrambling due to crumbling financial core systems, CTOs being strong-armed by big name vendors, and unreturned phone calls about half implemented contracts. Does this sound like your environment? If not, consider yourself lucky for the moment. We’ve witnessed some of the largest financial software vendors do banks a disfavor through low quality software, horrible service, and broken promises.  And the worst part…it isn’t the bank’s fault and there are little or no options.

When this problem starts affecting your customers, you know you have a real problem. Online banking outages, multiple username/passwords, and lack of mobile offerings can leave customers complaining about poor user experiences. Your customers will move from your bank to a larger one with more of a technology investment. Your competitor will get larger while you get smaller.

Too many times have we seen different versions of these stories. As technologists (who take pride in their work) we are mortified by it.  The founders of Sycorr believe that every business relationship should stand on “3 Core Pillars”:

Mutual Trust ~ Mutual Respect ~ Mutual Success

Long-term partnerships, simple contracts, and a quality product just makes common sense to us. If you agree consider giving us a call.