Permission Assist 4.8 Released – Change Management

In Fargo, ND it’s already that time of year when leaves begin to change from various shades of green to those of red, orange, and yellow. Children of all ages get excited about the massive piles of leaves they can catapult themselves into. Managing the ever-changing organizational structures, job titles, user permissions and access reviews may not be quite as fun and exciting as catapulting oneself into a pile of leaves…but they can be so much easier with Permission Assist version 4.8 release. This new release provides a combination of features that are designed to further streamline the review process and help you manage ongoing changes to permissions across systems.

Scheduled Imports

Let Permission Assist do the importing for you! All you need to do is have the import files saved to a consistent folder (either on the server or within a network folder that the server has access to), tell Permission Assist where the files are located, and then set the import schedule. Files will automatically import on the day and time specified.

Schedule Automatic Permission Data Imports

Application Alerts

With application alerts, you can receive automatic email notifications when user permissions for a specific application change.

Privilege Change Tracking & Alerts

We hope you enjoy the new Permission Assist 4.8 release.

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