Permission Assist 4.1 Released -Dynamic Plugins

Permission Assist Version 4.1 was an abnormally fast release for us. A number of customers had some very urgent needs surrounding upcoming reviews.  Aside from our dedication to an awesome customer experience (sorry, had to toot our own horn there), we agreed that it was time to enhance our architecture to be more flexible.

Within Permission Assist, application privilege readers are no longer bound to particular product versions. The new plugin architecture provides users with the ability to add privilege readers without needing to upgrade. This adds freedom to install custom organization-specific privilege readers.

That’s fancy talk to say…now, with Sycorr’s help, your reviews will never lack the ability to import the review data you need because of our product release schedule or an untimely upgrade!

Yet again, we are blazing trails on the best permission review solution the industry has!  Version 4.2 here we come!

About the Author

Max Pool

Max is seasoned technologist, internet marketer, and leader with over 25 years of experience using Microsoft technologies, a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), and a MS in Computer Science. He has a knack for finding the pieces of an organization that cause people pain (i.e. poor margins, bad processes, or lost revenue opportunities) and turn it around with a unique blend of software and social engineering tactics.

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