Permission Assist: The Big 6.0 Release – Two Big New Features

One small step for Sycorr…

…One MASSIVE leap for all banking-kind!

Permission Assist 6.0 Release is here and jumping into the world with leaps and bounds. We’re pushing forward with new features that aim to make your work life easier, and we’re just getting started.

Incremental Provision Engine

With 6.0 we unveil the Incremental Provision Engine. This provisioning engine progressively walks you through remediation changes and allows Permission Assist to do some of the work for you. Just decide which actions you want to take, then click Automate and let Permission Assist do the rest!

Image of the Incremental Provision Engine within Permission Assist. Showing the provisioning engine.

We’ve integrated the Incremental Provisioning Engine with both Microsoft Active Directory and Jack Henry Symitar.

Plus, if you have the Identity Access Management (IAM) Operation module, the Incremental Provision Engine works seamlessly. Like we said, we’re pulling out all the stops with the big 6.0 release.

Our new Identity Access Management Operations Module makes managing and tracking personnel events such as onboarding and offboarding so much easier! For more information or a demo - talk with your Client Success Specialist or enter a request using our Support Portal at

Intelligent Access Requests

Also with this release, we’ve combined all of our best provisioning features and added even more detail to make managing and tracking your remediation and access requests a breeze.

Image of Intelligent Access Requests in Permission Assist. Shows a detailed drop down view of approval and provision rules and configurations.

Create pre-approval and post-verification workflows within the System Configuration area to enforce your processes. With the new 6.0 options, you can create conditional requirements to pre-approve or post verify based on level of criticality. The new Access Requests Detail page displays a quick summary of the entire process and additional details about which roles are required at each step.

You won’t be reporting back to Houston about “having a problem” with Permission Assist being your ultimate co-pilot. All systems go with release 6.0! You can check out all our continued performance improvements, bug squishes, and other features by checking out our release notes.

We hope you enjoy the launch of 6.0 and we can’t wait to bring you more as we take leaps and bounds forward.

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