Permission Assist Version 5.2 – Enhanced Reporting and Scheduling Reviews

A new year brings new updates! We’ve shaken off the holiday food coma and are excited to announce the release of Permission Assist version 5.2. This new update has so many great new features, we have no idea where to begin. From a slew of new reports, auto scheduling reviews, and the ability to assign supervisors to groups, this update has it all! As always, many of these enhancements come directly from your input and feedback, so we hope you’re as excited about them as we are.

Enhanced Reports

We know that your auditors are asking for specific reports like showing who took action on a review item along with when. We’ve developed multiple new reports that cover a plethora of possible requests. Need a report that shows your separation rule violations? How about if you want to review last login dates?  Or if you want to keep track of all possible comments on a report? We’ve got you covered! And, so many more. Even if you have a specific request, there’s a good chance we already have that specific report.

In addition, a new Reports tab has been added to the review so all the reports you need are available with just a couple of clicks. You can even create the perfect audit package for your auditor when the time comes with ease.

Plus, you don’t have to wait for your reports to finish generating! You can get an email notification as soon as the reports are finished. This let’s you tackle the million other tasks you need to do, and you still get all those reports auditors love.

Auto Schedule Reviews and Notifications

The best feature of Permission Assist is how much time you can save in the review process. In this update, we make that even easier with automated review scheduling. This means you can start a review even when you’re out of the office!

Just set up the start and end dates for your review and Permission Assist will get the ball rolling. You also have the ability to automatically notify reviewers ahead of time so they’re ready when the review process begins.

Assign Review Supervisor to Groups

One of the last features we want to talk about (but definitely not the last feature in this update) is the ability to assign owners/managers as reviewers for specific groups. Many of our clients have been looking for a way to assign reviewers to specific groups within an organization. This is helpful when, for example, the person who reviews the teller group would be different than the person who reviews the loan group within an application.

Add the supervisor you think best fits the group! They don’t have to be Application Managers, direct Supervisors, or Security Team members. They can be any Identity within Permission Assist.

We also have updated Active Directory configurations, enforcing multiple reviewers, and more. We can’t wait to have you dig in and use all the new features in the Permission Assist version 5.2 to make your review process that much easier!

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