Permission Assist Version 5.6 – Risk-Focused Reviews and Remediation

We’ve been fine tuning your permission reviews to give you more options at your fingertips with version 5.6 of Permission Assist. This new update helps you focus on the highest risk permissions and access using conditional and risk focused rules. This adds another layer of security to your existing permission reviews and also lets you review critical permissions more quickly and easily.

Conditional Pre- and Post-Approval Requirements

If your organization has policies for strict approval on any changes, Permission Assist can help you fulfill those requirements and track it within the review process for auditing purposes. You can now define any pre- and post-approval requirements for access requests, which means you’re able to:

  • Enable Pre-Work Approval Requirements to ensure someone approves the access request before it gets sent to the Provision Team, and enable Post-Work Approval Requirements to verify the access request was completed correctly
  • Set up rules for specific roles to either approve the request before the work is completed or verify the work after it’s complete.
  • Set up conditional rules based on risk

For example, your policies might require that an application owner pre-approve access changes within applications. With version 5.6 you can create rules specifically for that.

Or you may want the Security Team to verify that changes to critical permissions have been properly completed. With conditional and risk focused rules, all kinds of scenarios are covered to help you enforce your policies and mitigate security risks.

Include Conditional Reviewers within Specific Application or Privilege Reviews

When setting up your next review, you have even more options on which members of your team are included on a conditional basis – be it supervisors, application managers, or anyone your organization thinks should be included on specific applications or privileges.

If you have specific applications or privileges you want reviewed based on a designated level of criticality, you can now set up the review to do that.

For example, you can set up the review to:

  • Require at least two Application Managers, but only want them to review high-risk permissions 
  • Require at least one Security Team member to review users, but only within critical applications

Plus, so many other ways to customize how your team will take on your permission reviews for critical applications.

Important note for any users still on Internet Explorer 11: Permission Assist has officially removed support for IE 11. Please use one of our supported browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Brave.

We hope these new features within Permission Assist Version 5.6 help you better customize your review process and focus on compliance in new and more effective ways. As always, we’ve grown Permission Assist with the help of your suggestions, and we will continue to help you meet your compliance requirements.

For more information about these features and additional updates, check out your version 5.6 release notes.

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