Principal Technologist Receives GSSP-.NET Certification

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Sycorr’s Principal Technologist and Co-founder, Max Pool, has been recognized as successfully earning the GIAC Secure Software Programmer- .NET (GSSP-.NET) Certification.

The GSSP-.NET certification is for individuals responsible for coding secure software applications using .NET, identifying shortfalls in the security knowledge of other programmers, ensuring other programmers have adequate secure coding skills, and advanced secure programming skills. The certification allows candidates to demonstrate mastery of the security knowledge and skills needed to deal with common programming errors that lead to most security problems in 9 core areas:

  • .NET Authentication
  • .NET Authorization
  • .NET Data Validation
  • .NET Encryption
  • .NET Exception handling and logging
  • .NET Framework Security
  • .NET Session Management
  • Common Web and .NET Application Attacks
  • Secure SDLC

GIAC Certified secure software programmers (GSSP) have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to write secure code and recognize security shortcomings in existing code.

About the Author

Jeremy Neuharth

Jeremy Neuharth is a founder of Sycorr, a company helping banks shrink permission reviews. His clients will tell you he is part-geek; while his colleagues will say part-banker. Both are correct as the combination is the key to his formula for helping community banks compete across the U.S. by leveraging technology. A Graduate School of Banking – Madison alumni, Jeremy has enjoyed assisting bankers the last 15 years of his career.

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