Permission Assist 4.0 Released- Remediation

Permission Assist version 4.0 release is here! Remediation is here! We just promoted our biggest major version release into the 4.0 package which includes a highly anticipated feature: remediation.

You can now easily start remediation workflows to correct an identity’s permission. Also, you can track individual privilege changes, and compare them to up-to-date permissions to ensure the remediation work was complete.

Individual permission remediation is a huge win for communication between the ISO and the Remediation team.

Close Up Remediation Screen Shot

In addition to the much anticipated permission remediation feature, we added a new full screen mode for review items. This new view will give users the maximum amount of screen to review permissions. Plus, with a unique permanent URl, they can be shared among team members for direct access.

Remediation Full Screen

There are a lot more feature requests coming in version 4.1. Until then make sure you are looking for Jeremy at the many conferences we will be at. Signature User Group and SDBA Technology Conference are on the calendar next!

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