Review Enhancements – Permission Assist™ 4.5 Released

As we march towards v5.0, we’ve continued to make serious investments in architecture and testing; ensuring the future releases on our roadmap are going to be great!

Permission Assist™ 4.5 has been a significant release for us to continue delivering the promise of shrinking your permission reviews.  Here are a few highlights of the new features introduced…


Optional Security Team Reviews – Security team members can now be considered optional for a review.  If a review item does not have any reviewers (that is, has no application managers nor supervisor) then responsibility falls back on a security team member.  This is great for reviews where you only want an application manager to review a single specific application.


Reviewing Supervisor Reassignments– In version 3.5 we gave you the ability to reassign a review item to a different identity.  We’ve had a number of different requests to enhance this functionality in a number of ways.  As a result, now you have two new abilities: reassigning the reviewing supervisor and unassigned review items.

Common situations that lead up to supervisor reassignments: (1) the supervisor has left the company, and (2) the supervisor duties fall on an employee that does not participate in security audits such as C-level executives.  With the ability to reassign temporarily or permanently no “work-arounds” are now needed.  Unassigning the supervisor is a choice as well, and reviews that require supervisors will simply show it as not applicable.




Automatic Entitlement Roles – We’ve made building roles lightening fast in every sense of the word with better entitlement role building.

Simply select either an employee, directory group, or employee title.  Using statistics the system will automatically suggest which applications and privileges should be used to review against.  This is a HUGE time saver when asking the question “What privileges does this group of people have in common?”, or when attempting to build a role that encompasses the entitlements of a particular person…one click and you’re done!  Your role will match all the identities based on your criteria, include the applications they have in common, and select the recommended privileges for you.




The software development team is very happy to finally deliver you this release as we can now focus on the “big picture” yet again.  Thank you to all of our clients who helped in this release!

Max Pool

Max Pool - Co-founder

Max is seasoned technologist, internet marketer, and leader with over 17 years of experience using Microsoft technologies, a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), and a MS in Computer Science. He has a knack for finding the pieces of an organization that cause people pain (i.e. poor margins, bad processes, or lost revenue opportunities) and turn it around with a unique blend of software and social engineering tactics.

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