Book a Recon Session

A simple meeting to fit your application into the Permission Assist puzzle.

It looks like we’re ready to get your important applications working with Permission Assist. We’ll work with you to create a plugin (what we call our integrations) that enhances the ability of Permission Assist to work with your application’s user and permission data.

But What is Permission Assist?

We’re so glad you asked! Permission Assist is software for banks and credit unions to simplify various processes used to manage users and their access. Some of the InfoSec people might say we help with Identity and Access Management (or IAM for short).

We make it easier to check the compliance boxes while cutting out much of the manual effort needed, including those applications that are not know to be integration-friendly.

But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s show you! Here’s a video showing what we mean.

What’s the Purpose of a Recon Session?

We want to gather the right information about the application from the people who work with it the most.

If you aren’t a fan of videos and would prefer to read about Permission Assist and Recon sessions, download the PDF below!

Who Should Attend?

Because we’ll be logging into the application and talking through some permission details, we’re going to need a very specific person to be a part of this meeting. We call this person the Subject Matter Expert. This is someone who:

  • Uses the application on a regular basis
  • Understand the permissions of this application in detail
  • And knows how they are assigned

We were informed that you are the exact person (hey expert!) and we’d like to get to work building the plugin with you!

Please add the best phone number to get a hold of you in case of technical difficulties.
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